Arriving Back in Falmouth.


A Fresh Perspective

On Monday I finally arrived back on campus for a new semester here at university. This is my second semester so saying goodbye to my friends and family was a little easier, as I now know what to expect out of life at uni now. This time I have also brought my sister Stef down for the week so it was more exciting in a way than sad leaving Sheffield because I have been looking forward to showing her where I live. 

Yesterday I finally finished up with my inductions and a presentation I had to give for the week so I was free to take Stef wherever. I chose the two reservoirs near campus as I only had the latter half of the day free. It is really nice having Stef here, especially seeing her get excited about where I live and the resources I have here. Which as she is an artist she is making lots of use out of, in particular the scanning suite in the photography institute which I am having to take her to every evening. 

I want to do a separate post about new years resolutions and such but I wanted to briefly say how much I feel my perspective on the whole university situation has changed this year. I finally know what I'm up against stress wise and really feel ready to get organised with it all and make uni life work for me.